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Frequencies of Love Acoustic

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Written by WindSong
Produced by Justin Collins 2016


When you close your eyes take a look inside
Come to realize we are all connected
That which tethers us, frequencies of love
Have been torn apart by hate & it's time to mend it

Oh my mother, you are forgiven
You don't have to fear or know about anything
Beloved father, I know that I've been running
I love you so, I was just so confused
But now I know we are one, one love
We are all one love

Come brother, sister, please do continue to be brave
Not only for yourselves, this world needs your strength
Fearless leaders, don't be so quick to forget
Mother comforts us as we lightly tread
Father Spirit watches as we rest our heads
What's broken can be so easily fixed
Just keep taking forward steps
On frequencies of guided love