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Wind Song (founder of WindSong Movement) is a musician from Dallas, TX. Running from a troubled childhood, she left home at the age of 15 in search of herself. Through faith in God and prayerful expressions of singing, drumming, playing harmonium, piano and guitar, she overcame life-threatening illness, sexual assault, drug addiction, homelessness & human trafficking. In 2012, Wind Song began to share her story of redemption in Christ through song in the New Age community. It was then that she realized her vessel had become a channel of God’s miraculous works and facilitated the healing of her pain, as others bared witness and were guided to connect with a Higher Power and transform their own... In spite of health issues which led to two heart attacks and a 7-day coma in 2016, Wind Song continues to share her songs in combination with years of study of music in multiple languages! With each performance, Wind Song creates a call to action in order to encourage others to go within and connect with the Holy Spirit so that they may tap into their spiritual gifts and glorify God. Wind has since been described as "a true musician", "a window into Spirit", and it has been said that "a single verse from musicians such as herself can transform your entire life". In 2015 after a successful Indie Go-Go fundraiser for her first album which generated over $10k for local charities, Wind organized JUMPSTART, a non-profit project that introduces meditation & expressive healing arts to homeless children living in her community. 100% of all music proceeds are also donated towards survivors of human trafficking and domestic violence. To date, WindSong Movement has generated over $27k for survivors of human trafficking, domestic violence and other humanitarian crisis. Please click on the image above to support this rising movement today!