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Who is WindSong?

WindSong is a singer/songwriter & recording artist and from Dallas, TX. As a survivor of human trafficking, she combines performance and activism, aiming to make a difference in her community through fundraising and service to others!

WindSong Movement was launched as a creative collaboration, with a band of rotating performers and musicians from all over the world playing instruments such as the didgeridoo, hand pan, djembe, cello, harmonium, violin, harp,
 saxophone and more! The stage is open to every being in alignment with achieving global success, not for personal gain, but for the opportunity to open the hearts and minds of others so that we can end the cycle of violence present in our society today.

In 2015, Wind Song organized and facilitated a volunteer-based outreach for homeless children aged 1-17 in DFW, which included music, meditation and expressive arts. 

5 years ago she began touring the country as a musician, using her platform to raise awareness about human trafficking, in addition to raising over $27k for charity to date.

Every unique public & online performance is designed as communal call to action on behalf of her supporters' own local charities. 100% of proceeds from each album sale is donated towards helping women and children like herself recover and rebuild~ 

Your support is monumental, and your generosity and presence is much appreciated here! 

InJoy & Intention~

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