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In order to participate in JUMPSTART, you must pass a background check pertaining to crimes against children. We sure do appreciate you filling these out :)

To complete yours, please download this volunteer application, input your information, save, and then send via email to the shelter's volunteer coordinator, who will run your background check :)

Background checks generally take 48 hours to process, so please do this as soon as possible so you are able to join us for our next event! We look forward to connecting with you soon! 

Founded in 2015, WindSong, formerly homeless as a runaway and trafficked teen, has been calling all local musicians, artists, and healers alike to share their passions with oppressed and impoverished youth living in local Dallas shelters, as she knows from her own experience that these children are seeking outlets of expression in order to process the events that have taken place in their lives as their parents struggle to survive. Through the support of local volunteers, JUMPSTART introduces the practices of conscious breathing, movement, and expressive arts to children who are eager and willing to apply tools for self-healing for the benefit of their community and the world! Come, join in the liberation and celebration of life that takes place when we connect with one another through compassionate service in love~


Currently serving homeless families @ Family Gateway!

*Donation bins & reserved shelter parking located in parking lot off Canton & S St. Paul St in Dallas, TX*

WindSong Movement @ MFTP

 —  —

Recreation Plantation, 3550 Pursley Rd, Dripping Springs, Texas

Medicine for the People Spiritual Gathering is Texas’ grassroots movement for Love, Compassion and Healing in our selves, our community, and all of our relations. Through our collective intent we co-create a better tomorrow in heart based community for Inner and Outer Peace. We gather community to open our heart space, share, connect and to give gratitude for our relationship with All that Is. We join hearts and minds in this 3 day camping event to offer our prayers and Love affirmations to the collective conscious as our own Medicine for the People.

Honoring and sending out this heart space resonance as we sing, dance and play together: we hold visions of Unity and Harmony in the Collective Field of Co-Creation. All are called to be the change we wish to see in the world. Medicine is what brings each of us great joy. All are invited to bring -or find- our personal medicine as we share what empowers us to feel connected, unified and inspired. What is your personal Medicine? Is it dancing, yoga, music, art, flow, nature, children playing or just being present? If you are not sure what your personal medicine is yet, come find your personal mantra as we re-connect to our most authentic self - LOVE.

We hold co-creative space together so there are no spectators, only participators by action and intent. All are asked to be willing participants in Co-creation through collaboration of heart mind and soul for a brighter tomorrow from joy in the Now. Every person who comes adds their own flavor to the collective quantum soup we call our Medicine for the People. As a collective we have the power of Intention and Free Will to mix with Love and Compassion. When we come together under a unified mind and collective heart space we can create great change now.

Owning our soul sovereignty and speaking as a collective for humanity, through intention we co-create healing space within our selves, the community and the planet. We bridge our heart space in supporting ALL our relations including the plant, animal, mineral, and celestial kingdoms.

Medicine for the People is leave no trace, family friendly, drug free event that offers many healthy medicine options including:


-Ecstatic Dance

-Healing workshops

-Sound Healings


-Drum Circles

  • Live Music Special Guest YAIMA headlining Sat eve**

-Flow Culture

-Angel Walk

-Kirtan / Chanting

  • Herbal Tea Lounge

-Communal Kitchen

-Global Peace Ceremony

-Kids Activities and more

Medicine for the People encourages supporting each other with sharing ideas, gifts, services, talents and abilities. Everyone is offered the opportunity to give in a unique way. It can be as simple as sharing food, giving a hug, a few kind words, listening deeply or asking how may I serve? MFTP is not just a weekend event but extends into a way of life that is sustainable for All. Love is our Medicine.

Tickets include all activities, playshops, dances, performances, ceremony, camp ground amenities and land fees.If you have questions or are interested in offering a workshop, entertainment, vending or volunteering please contact us at with details.

Only 300 tickets will be sold. The first 49 tickets are only $49 for three day event full access Tier 1 tickets (125 tickets max) = $59 sold through Feb 15th Tier 2 tickets (125 tickets max) = $69 sold till March 17th Last Minute tickets March 18-22= $80 CASH @ GATE CHILD TICKETS are LAND COST ONLY and paid CASH at the GATE. Child tickets are not be sold online. 0-12yrs=$15 13-17yrs=$30 Vendor Booth only $55 and limited to 10 spots 2 day (Sat-Sun) tickets are limited= $55

Thank you for creating sacred space with us. We look forward to a wonderful weekend in the arms of mother nature with you. Now is the time to reconnect and nurture our souls together. LOVE IS OUR MEDICINE