Dear Diary~

I am ON FIRE after almost 2 months of non-stop travel and festival action! Whoosh! The biggest wave I've felt since leaving the islands this winter! I am overflowing with gratitude and prayerful exuberance for what has been, what is, and what has yet to come! What else is possible?

Currently, I am awaiting to hear the verdict on my totaled vehicle from an insurance company who is sure to take good care of me, however major time crunch on the car situation because my homie Adam will be traveling from Ohio to Dallas to sing in Chase Makai's band with me and we are taking my vehicle... interesting play, Universe, I'm down for pulling wild cards, let's go!

My biggest challenge has been remaining present with the stress and anxiety that builds up at times, as my tendency is to run from these heavy emotions in attempts to comfort myself. I've been getting better at not-knowing, and letting go seems more and more effortless the more I am challenged in this way. I've been practicing self-care through as much alone time as I can get, and doing my best in maintaining constant mindfulness when it comes to my needs vs. others during my time on the road.

I am excitedly looking forward to building bridges with Adam and Chase in Dallas, Austin, and San Antonio, I know it will be so blessed and so beautiful! I can't wait to dance, learn, laugh, play and have so much fun!!

Adam has been a huge inspiration for me in terms of his passion for service and talent for outreach! I am beyond stoked to witness his expression up close and personal during this tour! It has been heart opening to speak with him thusfar about his journey and I am excited to continue to know and honor my brother in a deeper way! He has been carrying a touch of self-illumination for others for so long, I am eager to learn as much as I can from his strength and wisdom! 

I truly appreciate your support and well-wishes, dear brothers and sisters in Spirit! My prayer is that many are blessed and inspired by the cultivation of such magic and mystery! A'ho!

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